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You may already have noticed that my work is divided into series. This hasn't really been a conscious choice, but happened along the way. A teacher at the art academy always said: "One is none." Maybe that made me interested in chewing on a subject a bit longer. That way a series automatically comes into being. For me it's important that the different paintings of a series improve or intensify each other. Even though the series are clearly bordered, they have even more similarities. Aspects that are part of every painting I have made. I will now try to describe the broad outlines of my work.

You will encounter the words ‘line' and ‘paint stroke' in just about every text about my work. To me the paintings are a compilation of painted lines that, piercing your eyes, work on your brain. In that process figuration plays a part of course, but the use of paint (colour, thickness, placing etc.) also is influential. Into the lines I try to put as much ‘values' as I possibly can. So the lines depict something and at the same time they add a feeling or judgement to it.

That is the essence of my painting activities. Besides that ‘core' there are more recurring aspects to be found in my work. For example the level of figurative recognition. In the first works of a new series I leave out more and more figurative details. Until there is a level of recognition in which the lines have room for several interpretations. That way I get the possibility to create a kind of pictural language of paint strokes. The more works of mine you see, the more you will be able to read that language.

Another recurring acpect is the insecurity factor. When I start a new painting I only have a vague idea of what it will become. For me painting is sort of a conversation or a struggle between me and the painting. You could say I would like the work to want something too. To give chance a chance I could for example strike water over the already painted, but still wet, lines. On other paintings I could lay plastic on the wet paint for a while. It's important to me that the result suprises me.