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"Out of almost a hundred art pieces by young artists a committee of art connoisseurs selected the ten best works of art."
kans op kunst - volkskrant, july 2006
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"In his new works the comic book element is stronger than ever. Rising helicopters, stealth bombers, all captured by Brentjes in his typical dashing strokes, with which he always manages to enchant his audience."
herman haverkate - tubantia, april 2006
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"...Brentjes doesn't want to have total command over his paintings.'I often strike water over the painted lines. To give away some control'..."
corien van eyck van heslinga - sbk mailng, may 2005
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"...the contours of nameless apartment buildings. The Amsterdam based artist Arjan Brentjes was inspired by the urban view from his studio in Amsterdam Southeast..."
corrie verkerk - parool, may 2001
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"...He conjures with surfaces, plays with chance... ...and uses his shifting perspectives to create an elusive world (in cool, kind of blue hues) in which often an organic shape comes to life..."
bert diphooren - tubantia, october 1998
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